Mountain climbing has been a dream to me since when I was a little kid. When I got old enough, I started going for trekking and mountain climbing trips. In my birthplace, there comes one such festival in which many people go for mountain climbing. It is a small trip through, but with the crowd alongside, it feels simply awesome.

Including the festival, I go for mountain climbing with my friends. With strong mind and enthusiasm, our desired destinations are always reached. I normally prefer forest mountains and a very few rock climbing. Before leaving for the trip, I always make sure about the important things I will require for the climb and everything necessary should be kept in mind;

  • Harness and ropes; if it is rock climbing, a harness is very important.
  • Hardware devices; like eight, black diamond.
  • Backpack; having all the important materials like extra clothes, snacks, lighter, first aid kit, water bottles, compass.
  • Camping materials; sleeping bags; tents and poles.
  • axe; for optional

useful resource: leadership, basic equipment, companies etc.

I always make sure that the things are light and easy to carry as it would be impossible to carry a heavy backpack and own weight if on a trekking and climbing. I take only the important materials and going in groups make it easier, as we decide who will carry what material, in this way our weights are balanced.

A short story about my first climb

It happened one weekend; I was out with my friends for an adventurous climb. It was my first climb. I was nervous and very excited about my first experience. Rock climbing is dangerous as well as thrilling. All my experienced friends were there to help me out. As it was my first climb, we selected a small rock mountain; it was 50 feet or so. Very less but high enough for an inexperienced climber like me as one mistake, and I would go down, only the basics of climbing were known to me and I was not so sure if I could make it till the top.

When I was all set up and the harness and rope thing was done, and I start climbing slow and very much steadily. The rocks were small and not far from each other, so it was easy for me. At one time I almost lost my grip and I skipped a heartbeat; but held back and my harness helped me to be strong. I started yet again. My friends were motivating me and climbing together with me.

My experience

After two hours of struggle, I reached the peak of the mountain. I felt a sigh of relief when I made it till there. To my surprise and amusement, the tents were all set up by some of my friends who had already reached the top. I was happy that I didn’t have to do this extra work. The top of the mountain was not too rocky. It had a beautiful forest extending towards the other side and there was a narrow path to walk down the mountain across the woods. Seeing that I felt like a stupid fool for doing such a hard work of climbing, whereas I could just walk up the mountain and laughed out very loud at that, but nevertheless as it was my first experience, I cherished the moment. We spent two days camping in the mountain top, enjoying the view from up. Now whenever I go for any camping trip, we try new local mountains and make sure we have at least two days of relaxation and camping.

Climbing, trekking and camping at weekends have become my favorite recreation time. I enjoy with whole heart and make use of my perfect health and opportunity to explore the nature. It is a risk, but life itself is a risk, so I am used to taking risks besides my main hobbie, I need to make a living i wholesale houses for the company my broker / my job allow me to go and live life doing what i love the most.