Easy Way to Make a Wooden Mailbox

The world is too busy nowadays. Everyone is working and hardly any one remains at home during the day. Children go to schools and parents, to their work place. But many a times every one expects to get some urgent letters. One can’t just sit at home and wait for the postman to deliver the mails. There is no guarantee that the mail would arrive in an expected day.

Receiving a mail in today’s tremendously busy lives, has been one very concerning problem. Well, everything has a solution. The solution is, to have one’s own home mailbox. One can very easily self make a mail and apply for own address number. It will cost a little, but one can get a permanent solution to such problem.

To make a mailbox, one will need some items. The items are collected; one can make their own simple wooden mail box.

Materials required

Many things would be required to start the work,

  • Wood; for making the body of the mailbox and post.
  • Nails and glue; to fix the wooden pieces.
  • Hinges and door knob; need to attach to the mailbox.
  • Key and lock; to maintain privacy.
  • Earth driller; to make a hole in the ground to put the post.
  • Jigsaw; for cutting the Wood in shape.
  • Hammer; to beat the nails in the wood.
  • Color and spray paint; to color the mailbox.

Steps to make the mail box

Mailboxes can be of different size and models. The steps of making a mini slopping roof house shape is very easy and less time consuming.

  • Take the woods and cut them in seven pieces, with the jigsaw. 5 pieces of wood must be equal in length and breath, say for length 22 inches an breath 10 inches. These pieces are for the floor, roof and two of the other longer sides of the mailbox. For the front and the back, the woods must be measured extra carefully. The height needs to be 10 inches and extra 4 inches must be added in a triangle shape. Both the pieces must be equal.
  • For the post of the mailbox, the wood should be cut 5.5 to 6 feet long and two more pieces of 30 inches, one for angle stand and the other two for the support of the mailbox.

Putting the woods together

With the help of the glue, the pieces of wood must be glued up in the best possible way. One must make a blue print of the mailbox at the very beginning. When the gluing is done, use hammer to beat the nails in the joint woods, so that even if the adhesion is lost, the mailbox remains fixed.

The front door should be measured and cut out, then attached back with the hinges after fixing the door knob to it. One must not forget to cut out at the side of the mailbox, a 10 inch long hole, for the postman to put the mail into the mailbox. For privacy, one can attach a lock system to the mailbox. After fixing the mailbox is ready, nail the mailbox and attach it to the wood post.

Installing the mail box

When the mailbox is fixed and in perfect shape, the one last thing to be processed is left, that is, to install the mailbox. For this, one needs to drill the earth deep enough for the post to stand strong ant not be affected even if the wind blows strong. After the digging, put the post in the hole and fix the ground.

Painting and final touch

After mailbox is installed successfully, it’s one’s choice to paint it or just leave. Red color is best, as it will be easily visible from long distance and the postman can see it easily. One can simply use a spray paint to color the mailbox. The most important thing is the mailbox number. One must make sure; the number is clear and visible on the mail box.

In just few bucks, a great problem can be solved; a little hard work is required though.